What differentiates us?

FlexQube compared to tubular systems

  • One single coupling
  • Flat surfaces
  • No cutting = No Waste
  • Standardized design base
  • No nuts
  • Faster design and assembly
  • Handles heavier loads
  • Longer lifetime
  • Better re-use ability
  • Telescopic function
  • Easy to add attachments
  • Cheaper when need of flexibility
  • Possible to integrate to mother-daughter systems

FlexQube compared to welded solutions

  • Cheaper
  • Lower weight
  • Flexibility but also customization
  • Easy to add attachments
  • Standardized design base
  • Easy to replace single components
  • Faster design and assembly
  • No drawings, no fabrication, no special painting
  • Cheaper and easier to transport
  • Can also handle heavy loads
  • Possible to inegrate with mother-daughter systems

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FlexQube® compared to tubular systems and welded solutions

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