Some Recent FlexQube Material Handling Designs & Orders

Over the past month or so we have been working really hard to get out to our customers some exciting designs. We thought it would be a great idea to finally showcase some of these designs and how they will be used to improve the material handling processes for our customers.

Extendable Shelf Cart

This extendable shelf cart was specifically designed because they are automatically loaded and unloaded using robots. to help the operators move large and heavy motors, and the extendable shelf allows for better ergonomics. The pins on each shelf are used to secure the materials in position to reduce the risk of sliding on the cart. 


Extendable Shelf Cart | FlexQube® from FlexQube on Vimeo.


3 in 1 Mother Daughter Cart

This cart was designed for a customer with a need of being able to remove certain carts and take them down a picking aisle.  At the end of the picking aisle, the cart is stored at workstation or a “mother” cart.  

So below you can see the “daughter” carts can be secured in place with locks, and then when unlocked it can be easily removed. 


3 in 1 Mother Daughter Cart | FlexQube® from FlexQube on Vimeo.

Hanging Kit Cart

This cart was designed to help the customer be able to kit their components together. The custom request was that the components that need to be kitted together were hanging components. Using a kitting process and a specially designed kit cart allows the customer to improve functionality & efficiency. The height of the cart was also taken into consideration to help improve ergonomics for the operators. 

Extendable Shelf Cart

This extendable shelf cart is a smaller alternative to the one above. It has mesh placed around the outside to help protect the materials that will be transported. 

If you are looking for material handling solutions similar to any of the above designs or a customer material handling cart, visit www.flexqube.com/designondemand to have your cart designed. 

If you're looking for a similar solution, contact us at [email protected]

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