Our Design Manager selects his favourite Designs for this Year

Its been a big year for FlexQube in 2018! We have been able to help many customers create, design, re-design and upgrade their material handling carts. We have seen some of our customers go from fork trucks to a full tugger train system installation which was a huge positive for their safety standards, we have helped customers develop a heavy-duty kitting process which significantly improved ergonomics, and we have been able to assist customers with unique parts create the perfect solution to boost their efficiency.

We enjoy helping our customers find the right solution for their manufacturing process. Our North American team has grown to three times its original size! With Shawn Lynch and Cherie Dimmerling joining the FlexQube team in the USA! Our new This has led us to team members being able to provide a more significant footprint of customer service and we are only expanding even further in the US!

In 2018, we also hired our first two German employee’s! Jan Brettmann joined us as our Sales Manager for the DACH region and Christoph Stangl, has joined as our German Design Engineer. Having Jan and Christoph on the team once again allows us to have a larger footprint in customer service within Europe.

Our designers have had a very busy 2018 with over 1000 solutions design for customers internationally, and that has sure kept them very busy! On top of this, we’ve had existing customers come back to us needing upgrade kits for their current carts. We were able to help three customers change their flatbed carts into shelf carts, with only a few extra FlexQube building blocks. Having a flexible concept such as ours, saved these customers form scrapping these carts and starting from new!

We were able to get a few minutes with Olof Brown our Design Manager and ask him which were his favorite carts in 2018:

41 x 46 Inch Kit Cart – Q-100-1798

This Hanging kit cart was developed to make it easier for the operators along the assembly line. It comes equipped with a handlebar as well as rods/ tubes that can be used either to hang materials on or to slide panels in between.

50 x 50 Inch Rotating Cart – Q-100-0818

This 50 x 50-inch rotating cart is ideal for helping the operators to access the fully loaded pallets or containers more efficiently. This cart comes equipped with a handlebar and is used with a STILL LiftRunner frame, so it can be transported using a tugger train system. 

41 x 102 Inch Cart for Hanging Large Parts

This cart is designed for hanging huge and long parts. It is a heavy-duty solution and comes equipped with a handlebar and hangers to attach great materials securely.

91 x 41 Inch Kit Cart

This industrial kit cart helps by efficiently transporting different windshields or long plates. It has been initially designed for more easily carrying bus windshields in a bus manufacturing plant, and they were able to improve the process quickly.

While 2018 has been a big year for FlexQube, we are looking forward to creating new designs and taking on our customers challenges in 2019.

If you are looking for material handling applications that can integrate easily with any transportation method contact us today at [email protected]

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