New FlexQube Team Developing in Germany!

Ever since we showcased for the first time in Germany at LogiMAT 2018, our German team has been expanding very rapidly. We brought our Sales Manager Jan Brettmann onto the team not long after LogiMAT was finished. We were thrilled to establish a footing within Germany so quickly after the show!  Jan has been a valuable member to the team and has been trying to lead the way for FlexQube in the German market by himself.

With Jan’s help we went on and created a FlexQube GmbH to establish more authority within the region.  This was another step towards FlexQube helping customers within the DACH region.

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Expanding on this, across the Summer we added Christoph Stangl to our design department, and Christoph will be focused on helping our German customers create solutions that is going to solve their needs.

Christoph has lots of experiencing working within mechanics as well as mechatronics and has an expansive background within design. Crhistoph originally comes from Bad Füssing in South Eastern Germany,  but relocated to Sweden to complete his studies.

This is very exciting for the team here at FlexQube because this is the first step towards creating a solid base to represent FlexQube within the German market. The plan is to have Jan & Christoph working together and helping our customers learn more about the FlexQube concept.

Christoph will be managing all the DesignOnDemands for our German customers and helping them learn the technical aspects of the concept as well as designing solutions for their needs in intra-logistics.

There will be opportunities for Christoph to also go on customer visits alongside Jan and do in person DesignOnDemand sessions. This should lead to greater value for the customer, because with Jan’s knowledge and experience within the intra-logistics industry & Christoph’s creativity and expertise in design, it will be no problem to create value adding solutions.

We look forward to working with more customers within the German region, as we already work with many German companies within the U.S. & Mexican markets including Siemens and Eberspächer and are excited to bring those solutions across to Germany as well.

You can reach Jan Brettmann on +49 160 243 6305 or via emial at [email protected].

You can reach Christop Stangl via email at [email protected]

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