Meet FlexQube & Multitube in Antwerp!


FlexQube will be showing off one of our carts alongside our official partner in the Netherlands, Multitube. You can see our cart at the Transport & Logistics Exhibition in Antwerp from the 17th to the 19th of October. Multitube will be hosting their solutions as well as promoting the FlexQube concept. The Transport & Logistics Exhibition will have over 315 exhibitors and is expecting over 9000 visitors. If you are visiting the fair or are in the Antwerp area, make sure you stop by and see how the FlexQube concept can help you & your intralogistics needs.



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About FlexQube

FlexQube® is an independent company who supplies material handling equipment, tugger carts, industrial carts and racks, that are modular and robust. By using our specially designed system the same standard pieces can be used to build a wide variety of solutions. The modularity system makes it possible to make adjustments and additions along the way as the customers’ needs change.

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