Have you ever seen forklifts at an airport?

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Have you ever seen forklifts at an airport?

Probably not! A never ending flow of people, luggage, containers and airplanes. From one location to another. 24/7 all days a year. An airport never sleeps, and every time I'm travelling I'm so impressed by the operations going on and how it all comes together.

Logistics at airports include all processes, resources, and facilities for freight, mail, baggage handling etc. Delivery of the right amount, of the right load, in the right condition and at the right place is just as important as in a modern manufacturing plant. With increasing number of passengers and freight the logistics becomes a really challenging task at airports.

Take Schiphol in Amsterdam as an example. Each year 55 million passengers departs and arrive from the airport, and 1,6 million tons of cargo is transported. During the peak hours more than 200 planes take off and land each hour. This brings extreme requirements when it comes to the way you move people and material. The way logistics is made at airports should be a great source of inspiration for people working with logistics in manufacturing plants.

As most of you have seen while waiting for take off, the transportation of containers and luggage from the terminal building to the airplanes is made with carts connected in a long train. A regular tongue and hitch solution is connecting the carts to each other. Simple, cheap and flexible! And as long as I can remember, this is how it always has been. Why is it like this? Probably because it is the most efficient way to move the loads. Connecting many carts in a train means that you can move large amount of loads at the same time.

Tugger Cart with handle bar and floor brake

Tongue and hitch carts from FlexQube. Created with standard building blocks!


More and more engineers also discover that this is the most efficient way to move parts also in their factories. The Forklift free transformation that we see at our customers speaks for itself. Tugger trains are getting more and more common, and this is an area where FlexQube offers both excellent knowledge and excellent products.

Tongue and hitch carts for air freight containers

Tongue and hitch carts for air freight containers

Based on the FlexQube building blocks a variety of carts and trains can be created. As they are modular they can always be adapted when the need is changing. And that is for sure, sooner or later things will change. As we say in our product catalogue, change is the only constant.  

A big difference between airport and manufacturing logistics is the variation in load types. While airport logictics handle loads with high degree of standardization, such as containers, the manufacturing industry is facing parts with large variation in size, shape and weight. Each part needs to be delivered in the way that is most suitable for the assembler. This means that a variety of cart types are needed, such as pallet carts, kit-carts or mayby shelf-carts. With the FlexQube® building blocks a lot of applications can be created. Check out the Solutions Library™ to find inspiration and solutions for your need. I also recommend you to check out our webinar about ForkLift free production. Here we talk about different type of trains and what to think about in order to make the best decisions.  


If you are in the process to implement industrial carts and train solutions, I recommend that you contact us to book a DesignOnDemand session. During this 1 hour web based meeting a certified FlexQube designer is creating the cart on the fly, based on your input and requirements. Cad file of the cart and quote is delivered shortly after the meeting.

FlexQube is the only company on the market offering this innovative way to create and purchase carts. This is possible thanks to the FlexQube® Concept!

Per Augustsson
CTO FlexQube



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