FlexQube wins several orders for different kit-carts at manufacturer of transmission parts!

FlexQube has received several different orders for kit-carts to a manufacturer of heavy truck component in Sweden. The customer has been using FlexQube carts for a long time and is continuing using the modular concept for their kit-carts. FlexQube is happy to support the company with more carts for their operations, in many cases replacing more heavy and less flexible welded carts that has been used previously.

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UPDATE: FlexQube kit carts are taking full advantage of our flexible and modular design to allow you create efficient material handling solutions. By receiving information about your mix of parts, load sizes and goals we are able to help you design a superioir kit cart, specifically to your parameters. If you would like to see our previous kit cart designs, you can view them within our Solutions Library. 

Kit Cart top plate handle bar

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