FlexQube will be present at Logistik & Transport Trade Show in Gothenburg, Sweden

FlexQube will be present at the STILL stand at the Logistics fair in Gothenburg Nov 16-17, 2016. We look forward to meet companies who face material handling challenges in terms of forklift free initiatives, complex material flows and increasing variations in production. The FlexQube and STILL integration using the Liftrunner tugger train system is a perfect way of overcoming several of these challenges. Since September 2016, FlexQube and STILL GmbH has an official partnership that makes it easier for customer to get access and support for the FlexQube system across Europe. Read more about that agreement.

Find us in booth B08:07. Register free of charge using this link: https://tickets.svenskamassan.se/projects/esuccess/bin/iisclt.cia?n&OpenSession&esproject&20023&21639&900022016&

If you're interested in a FlexQube solution, contact us on [email protected]

Click on image below to download a presentation about the integration between FlexQube and STILL.
FlexQube and STILL Liftrunner system

FlexQube and STILL GmbH Liftrunner E-frame system at CeMAT




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