FlexQube sponsored top ranking team in Formula Student!

Clear River Racing Team, from Karlstad University in Sweden, ended up in the third place of almost 100 teams competing at the Silverstone circuit in UK, in the Formula student event of 2017. One of the team members in Clear River Racing is now also part of the FlexQube Team as a Project Manager for the European market, Amir Chihani (in the picture below). 

The Clear River Racing 2017 team celebrated the 10th year of competing in the Formula student competition this year. Formula student is the most established educational motorsport competition in Europe which take place at the Silverstone circuit in UK, Formula student. The team designed and built the car from scratch. 

The historic third place was the best ever for Karlstad University and below you will find some pictures and videos from the event. 

Amir Chihani will of course tell you more about it when you meet with him going forward!

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FlexQube Sponsored Clear River Racing Formula Student

Amir Chihani FlexQube

FlexQube Sponsored Clear River Racing Formula Student




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