FlexQube receives first order from Isringhausen GmbH & CO. KG in Lemgo, Germany

FlexQube today received the first order from Isringhausen GmbH & CO. KG, a maker of e.g. seats for commercial vehicles and buses that employs about 5000 people. FlexQube will deliver shelf trolleys as well as pallet trolleys and a trolley to hang different parts on.

All of the trolleys will be used with the Liftrunner E-frame system sold by STILL GmbH that FlexQube has a supplier and distribution agreement with. Read more about that agreement here. 

The different trolley types are seen below.

Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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Flow Shelf Cart 1190 x 770 mm with angled shelves that allows for better access into bins and totes. Shelf height can easily be adjusted within 70 mm increments. The solution can be adjusted with more/less shelves.

EUR pallet cart for Tugger train. Compatible with STILL Liftrunner Tugger Train.

Height adjustable kit cart of 30 x 20 inch (770 x 520) mm for hanging light objects. Compatible with Liftrunner E-frame and suitable for being transported in pairs.




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