FlexQube and Linde Material Handling Tugger Trains

FlexQube is an independent supplier of industrial carts and trolleys. That means we are able to integrate our modular cart system with any tugger brand on the market either with a tongue and hitch solution or integrated in a mother-daughter system. There are many different tugger train systems on the market but one of the most prominent and popular is the Tugger Train System from Linde Material Handling.

FlexQube has several successful implementations with this system. For example at Vaillant in UK where the Supply Chain Manager Adrian Ancliff expressed his feedback like this: 

“FlexQube made some dollies for us to support our logistics system. Did a great job highly commendable.” ”Brilliant piece of kit, looking forward to the new design from the team.”

See below for some examples and download a PDF Presentation which shows the integration between Linde Material Handling and FlexQube here!

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Video below shows FlexQube carts with Linde Tugger (this customer have 800 carts in use from FlexQube).

FlexQube carts with Linde Tugger Train at Vaillant, UK (this customer have 150 carts in use from FlexQube).

FlexQube offers a range of basic trolleys with Linde Tugger Train, all at very competitive prices. Click on picture to download PDF with information about FlexQube and Linde Tugger Train integration.

Linde Material Handling Tugger Train Modularity






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