BorgWarner has placed another order for flat deck carts

BorgWarner has placed another order for flat deck carts to be used together with their Liftrunner E-frame system in Asheville, USA. The plant in Asheville has continuosly ordered flat deck carts from FlexQube since they started using the Liftrunner tugger train system in 2014. This last order will bring up their total number of flat bed carts from FlexQube to almost 100 units. They also have some shelf carts and tilt cart in use. 

Wayne Montgomery, who was the production engineer who initiated the project has told us he went with FlexQube due to the following reasons:

  1. Almost half the cart weight of similar welded solutions
  2. Outstanding customer service and response time
  3. Price in line with welded cart
  4. Scalable concept that could be adapted for future needs

Since the start in 2014 FlexQube has always had a good relationship with BorgWarner in Asheville and we are proud to be a supplier to the company. Learn more about FlexQube and BorgWarner.

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