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Over the past couple of years FlexQube has been happy to deliver a wide array of material handling carts to more than one Siemens facility. We have found that the flexible FlexQube design has been able to match the high standards and expectations set by Siemens.  The carts that we have delivered to Siemens vary from Mother-Daughter solutions to more basic 50 x 50 tugger carts. Below is an outline of all the solutions we have provided to Siemens.

Tugger Cart 3710 x 1610 MM - Q-100-0531

This 146 x 63 inch cart is specially designed for transporting fully loaded containers. This large industrial tugger cart is equipped with an ergonomic handle bar and a drop pin tow bar, to be easily transported in a tugger train set-up.

Shelf Cart 2730 x 1260 MM - Q-100-0676

This is a very robust large shelf cart, which has been designed for transporting very large and heavy materials. This cart has had wire mesh attached to ensure the materials are securely in place. This cart can be modified with a tow bar or added handle bars if needed. 

Stage Cart 1610 x 910 MM - Q-100-0692

This stage cart is a perfect example of how flexible the FlexQube system is. This cart was designed to easily stage materials so the operators/assemblers are able to easily access the materials to boost productivity. The materials can be placed in between the upright tubes to keep them securely in place. 

Assembly Cart 2170 x 770 MM - Q-100-0690

This assembly cart has been created for assemblers to easily keep materials and tools in one place. This assembly cart can be also be used as a work table as the four attached swivel casters all come with brakes to keep the cart locked firmly in place. 

Cart for Hanging 1680 x 700 MM - Q-100-0714

This small cart is specifically designed for being able to easily hang hoses, tubes and wires. This cart can also be used to hang circular materials of different types. This cart has been able to significantly boost assembly times, because of the easy access it allows to assemblers. 

Tugger Cart 50 x 50 Inch - Q-100-0112

This 50 x 50 inch tugger cart with attached steel flat deck is perfectly designed for transporting fully loaded pallets and containers. This is one of FlexQube's most popular solutions, because of it's robustness and simple design. This cart is equipped with an ergonomic handle bar and a drop pin and hitch tow bar, for use in a tugger train set-up. It also comes with a floor lock brake to secure the cart in place when not being transported. 

Mother Cart 2030 x 1260 MM - Q-100-1002

This small mother solution has been created to hold four daughter carts within it's frame. The four daughter carts can be unlocked from this mother frame and left at different work and assembly stations (learn more about Mother-Daughter solutions). This mother frame is equipped with a drop pin and hitch tow bar to be transported using a tugger train set-up.

Kit Cart 1330 x 700 MM - Q-100-1042

This kit-cart is actually designed to be used as a daughter cart within a mother frame. This kit cart comes equipped with small flat shelves as well as hanging bins across the top to hold small materials and tools. The Mother frame these carts fit into is below. 

Mother Cart 2 in 1 1680 x 1610 MM - Q-100-1043

This 2 in 1 mother frame is the mother cart to the above kit-carts. This mother frame can house 2 daughter carts at a time and is equipped with a drop pin and hitch tow bar to be used in a tugger train set-up. 

Mother Cart 4 in 1 High Dollies 1890 x 910 MM - Q-100-0851

This 4 in 1 Mother frame is designed to house up to 4 tall daughter carts inside. Each of the shelf carts can be unlocked from the frame and left at different work stations. This mother frame is equipped with a drop pin and hitch tow bar and is designed to be towed within a tugger train system. The daughter carts for this mother frame are below. 

Daughter Cart 630 x 420 MM - Q-100-0835

This 630 x 420MM daughter cart is designed to fit the above 4 in 1 Mother frame. These daughter carts come equipped with one flat shelf along the bottom of the cart and small bins hung from the back side of the daughter cart to house different tools and materials. 

Kit Cart 1050 x 1050 MM - Q-100-0843

This kit cart is another great example of how flexible the FlexQube concept can be. This kit-cart is designed to be left at different work and assembly stations and is equipped with shelves to place bins, totes and boxes as well as little bins hung above the top shelf to house smaller materials. 

Bin Cart 1260 x 490 MM - Q-100-0783

This bin cart is a great little design to house bins for different materials and tools. It has two handles attached on each side and four swivel casters, two of which have brakes. This makes this cart very easy to move around the facility to leave at work and assembly stations. 

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