50x50 inch cart from $595

This cart can handle 2000 Lbs. Equipped with Polyamid casters it will sell for $595. It is compatible with several mother/daughter solutions on the market and can also be equipped with towing equipment. If you want to change the cart from a flat bed cart to something else, just unbolt the top and build a dedicated kit-cart on top of the base frame. Anything is possible with the modular FlexQube concept.

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UPDATE: Since we wrote this article we at FlexQube have expanded our wide range of tugger carts, flatbed carts and industrial push carts. This cart can help your operators manually transport your pallets or containers throughout your facility or warehouse. The flexible FlexQube concept allows you to edit this cart as you need, with or without towing equipment, you are able to remove the flat deck and add on a top structure, if you are to transport different materials. 

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