5 Smaller FlexQube Carts For Along the Assembly Line

Here at FlexQube we specialize in creating robust, modular and heavy-duty material handling carts. While we have created some extremely large carts in the past for quite large materials, we have also been able to design custom smaller carts which can be just as valuable within a manufacturing facility.

These carts can be used to bring in smaller materials or plastic bins to the assembly line. This makes it much easier when in the assembly and manufacturing process because these smaller carts don’t take up as much room, which is important when assembling materials.

Having smaller and more robust carts will become more of an importance as floor space within manufacturing facilities become limited.

See below for our assembly line carts:

16 x 32 Inch Small Shelf Cart – Q-100-0792

This 830 x 420 MM small shelf cart has been a hit with some of our customers that were looking for an easier and more efficient way to transport plastic bins, totes and boxes. The plastic bins can be loaded onto this cart and be transported via a tugger train. The shelves on this cart can also be changed easily either higher, lower or even removed.

25 x 30 Inch Tool Cart – Q-100-0740

This 770 x 630 MM tool cart is perfect for being a little assistant to the assembler along the manufacturing line. It is easy and lightweight to be pushed and guided along with the operator or it can be locked into one place. This cart comes equipped with 2 flow shelves which are ideal for presenting the tools and/or materials to the operator.

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33 x 24 Worktable Cart

This 840 x 630 mm worktable cart is ideal for holding smaller materials that are essential for the assembly process. This small worktable can be used to hold anything from laptops to smaller tools & boxes. We have customers that use to great success as a laptop stand along the assembly line as seen in the below image. 

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25 x 30 Inch Tool Cart with Telescopic Shelves – Q-100-0026

This 630 x 700 MM tool cart is another smaller cart that is ideal for placement along the assembly line. This tool cart is easy to move around and easy to secure in place and has telescopic shelves. The telescopic shelves allow the shelves to be drawn out. This makes it much easier for the operators to access the tools.

19 x 19 Inch Worktable Cart- Q-100-0916

This 490 x 490 mm worktable cart is a great work cart than can follow any assembler or operator along the assembly line. This cart is equipped with 4 swivel casters which make moving it around and placing it at a work station very easy to do. This worktable also has an edge so small plastic bins and boxes can be stored on top and will not slide off the edge.

In summary smaller carts are ideal for the assembly line. Generally carts being used for material presentation need to be much more flexible, to adapt to the materials and assembly process. The FlexQube concept allows you to create smaller sturdy carts that are perfect for presenting materials and tools in an ergonomic and efficient manner. 

If you would like to like use one of these smaller carts in your facility please contact us at [email protected]

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