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Shelf carts for manual handling or integrated into tugger trains or mother-daughter cart systems are a very common application for material handling needs. Mobile shelving solutions, sometimes referred to as shelving on wheels, offers a much better flexibility for production and assembly layouts compared to fixed racking system. Shelf carts on wheels can be moved around and create a more agile factory.
FlexQube offers a wide range of alternatives in this segment including angled, flat or extendable shelf systems. With pull out drawers the shelf carts can be used together with shadow board systems and hence safeguard quality using a poka-yoke system with parts kitted to production cells.

The carts can handle heavy loads and the flexible system with floating shelves allows adaptation for future needs. The shelf carts are perfect to use in industrial environments including manufacturing facilities for automotive, machinery, construction equipment among others. The shelf carts can be a very efficient logistic tool in distribution centers and warehouses to carry totes, bags, boxes and bins. FlexQube has customers using line side racking with roller rail shelving systems as well as tugger carts with different shelf setups.

The shelf carts can be customized to different dimensions and sizes and the number of shelves can be adjusted for the material handling need. The shelves can have a lip or an edge to prevent parts from falling out or could be completely flat to place the material or take off the material conveniently without having to lift heavy materials. The shelves are usually made of steel but could also be made of other material to make the carts lighter. Shelves in aluminum or plastics are two other alternatives FlexQube sometimes offers. The shelf carts could sometimes have a fence or grid inserted on the sides to prevent material from falling off during transport.

FlexQube offers two-shelf carts, three-shelf carts, security carts, low profile carts, order picking, stock-carts, maintenance carts and bin carts.

We offer carts with drawers to two, three, and four shelf carts or even more. Choose light duty carts with drawers, or an easy-rolling high-capacity cart that can haul 2,000 pounds of material. All the designs are made using our high strength steel concept.

Load your pick carts, then quickly transport them to packaging via forklift on these universal pocketed carts with multiple shelves.
Transport product, packages, tools, materials with FlexQube shelf trucks. Utilized in warehousing, stock picking, interim storage, pre-kitting, assembly and manufacturing operations.

Shelf carts for totes, bins and boxes whether they are made of plastic or cardboard is a very common application for manufacturing companies. Especially for the use together with 2-bin replenishment setups or to supply small and medium sized parts and components like fasteners (bolts and nuts) or other bulk components to assembly lines.

Reducing fork lift traffic is an objective set by many manufacturing companies around the world. containers and pallets are the most common application, when transferring from a fork lift driven supply of material to assembly and production lines, to tugger train routes with several carts connected in a train. Every year almost 100 employees are killed in fork lift related accidents. Keep them safe by switching to the FlexQube fork-lift free initiative.

Below we have gathered our most common and best-selling versions of shelf carts. With the FlexQube concept it is possible to get carts with flat shelves, angled or flow shelves, extendable/slide-out/pull-out shelves or even removable shelves in a variety of dimensions and sizes. The number of shelves and the height of them can be adjusted. Everything enabled by the modularity and the flexibility in the concept itself.

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