In the FlexQube Solutions Library we have gathered all of the applications and designs we have made over the past years. We want to share them online in order for everyone to see them and become inspired to improve their material handling operations. The solutions are sorted into categories and tagged. It is also possible to search for specific keywords. Many of the designs contains Bill of Material, renderings, 3D and 2D models as well ast STP file or a link to Onshape, the cloud based CAD software. Using this software you can very easy modify already made applications and make sure they fit your needs and requirements. The categories in the Solutions Library are; Tugger Carts, Shelf Carts, Kit Carts, Mother-Daughter Solutions, Carts for Totes/Bins/Boxes, Rotating & Tilt Carts, Carts for Hanging Components, Carts with Rollers, Flatbeds/Pallet/Container Carts, Racks & Fixtures and Small Carts. The library contains hundreds of modern material handling carts and racks and we add more than two more on average per day at the moment. The carts we provide are proven to improve health and safety at manufacturing operations as well as profitability and efficiency.
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