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The eQart navigator


The eQart navigator is a non-load-carrying AMR. The navigator is equipped with safety, a navigation stack & a battery that can then dock with motorized attachments through a standard interface. ONce docked it transfers power & data to the motors in order to navigate it.

Unique AMR & Cart Combination.

The eQart navigator is a totally unique AMR system that has been inspired by the cobots’ ability to use different attachments for different tasks. Using this as inspiration the eQart navigator can move attachments of any size & shape, which means the right platform can be used for the right job.

Smart Docking.

The docking includes a mechanical interface as well as the transfer of power & data. One of the biggest inspirations for this smart interface is the cobot business where robots can be equipped with different smart attachments.




2022 RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards

The eQart Navigator won the RBR50 Innovation Award for Product Innovation in the category Technology, Services & Research.


The Robotics Innovation Award recognizes and celebrates forward-thinking companies from across the globe and the original, impactful solutions they have created.


Find the award and all the winners here
eQart Navigator - FlexQube

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