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What is a Flow Rack?

 A flow rack uses gravity to aid in the flow of materials, components and tools stored within totes, bins and boxes. You are able store the same amount of boxes and bins in a smaller amount of space and your operators are able to use a first-in, first-out system for easier material rotation. Gravity flow racks are ideal for use in a manufacturing supermarket and makes picking for your componenets much easier!

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Why Buy a FlexQube Flow Rack?

A FlexQUbe roller cart can be easily customized for your needs and for the materials that you need to transport. Having such a tough, sturdy and adjustable solution is key when creating gravity flow racks that match your internal work flows. 

Roller carts, also referred to as roller deck carts or conveyor carts, can handle totes or larger containers using gravity for the transferring of material to the point of use. It could also be flat carts where rollers are incorporated into the application to make it possible to slide on and off containers and pallets to the cart from a platform or vice versa. The transfer of totes and bins can be done with a so-called Shooter cart solution where the transfer of boxes will be made without having the need to unload the boxes or totes from the cart to the rack.

The roller carts could also be of the type roller rail carts or racks using roller tracks to store totes, bins or cardboard or plastic boxes in different sizes. The roller tracks could be split into lanes using dividers or side rails. Most of the times these are set in an angle to use gravity for the feeding of material from back to front. The roller rails from many common suppliers like Trilogiq can be used together with the FlexQube standard components and tubes. The end fittings and connectors can be mounted onto the 30 mm FlexTube™ from FlexQube.

The FlexQube roller track solutions will be able to move heavy loads with a minimum of effort. The modular and rigid building blocks will impress you and save money in the long run.

FlexQube provide innovative order picking and carton flow solutions using our modular and flexible concept that will give you sturdy, robust flow rack solutions that will last longer. By implementing flow racks and other shelf units you can improve space utilization and ergonomics at the point of use.
Boost productivity, improve ergonomics, eliminate waste and create a safe work environment by using the FlexQube system for your line side racking and work station designs. FlexQube will help you apply Lean manufacturing principles. Design modular workstations for your specific operations and assembly stations. With the flow racks you can improve ergonomics, make picking easier and faster at the same time you keep the plant neat and organized. All the totes and bins can be put back into a return lane instead of laying around on the floor.
With roller tracks you will also ensure that the principle with first in first out is managed. You will replenish from the back of the cart and the parts will flow to the front.
The FlexQube flow racks are stronger than traditional tube and joint system on the market and will support heavier boxes and totes. The components are durable, modular, adjustable, neat and look attractive. The parts are either powder coated or zinc electroplated for nice finish. Attractive – powder coat paint for components.

By adding casters to the design, you create a flexible factory that can be re-arranged as takt times and assembly sequences changes. Adjust the solutions by adding more roller track levels or combine the flow rack with pull-out drawers, flat shelves, return shelves or handle bars. With the FlexQube system you will always be able to make modifications in any aspect; dimension or accessories.

Moving away from forklifts has been a growing safety trend in manufacturing plant and by implementing Kanban routes connected to the implementation of flow racks or gravity racks you create a more efficient and safe flow for the material.

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