Benefits of a Flexible Material Handling System

Material handling is defined as any process that involves moving products or components. This could be short distances,long distances, within a building or between buildings. Generally, material handling is focused on manufacturing environments. Yet, the equipment and ideas can be utilized by other industries.

Material handling is most successfully done by using a wide selection of equipment. This equipment could be manual, semi-automated or automated. This largely depends on your budget and the materials you're looking at moving.At FlexQube we work towards ensuring you can create the working environment you need. We want you to create the exact environment you need to fulfill your goals on budget and the way you want them done. To achieve this you need the right material handling solution for your environment. The best material handling equipment can stay flexible and dynamic in your environment. The flexibility means that you don't need to adjust your workflow ti fit the equipment you buy. Let’s look at some of the key benefits you gain from such a system.

Custom Material Handling Systems

The problem with many material handling solutions is that they are unadaptable. The problem with many material handling solutions is that they are unadaptable. The needs of facilities have become too diverse for generic solutions to get the job done. With a standard material handling system they are set on a "one size fits all" basis. This makes customization to your facility and materials very difficult and very expensive. Flexible material handling carts give you the ability to change them to fit both current and future needs. This allows your material handling equipment to grow and change alongside your facility, materials and work flow. Your organization is unique. It isn’t like any other. So why would you want the same material handling system as another company? Flexibility allows for customization, which means you can get exactly what you need.

Specialized Small Equipment

Smaller material handling equipment can make an impact on your facility and work flow. So having specialized equipment can make your material handling more effective and ergonomic. Even if your operation is similar to other companies, the day-to-day tasks can vary. Having specialized equipment means that each and every job has the right equipment. Once each of these taks begin stacking up to make things easier then your workflow as a whole lifts.

Ergonomic Work Environments

Flexibile material handling equipment allows for much greater ergonomics. These give you the opportunity to have equipment designed for improved ergonomics. Employee's are at the heart of your company, so ensuring they have a safe working environment is vital. Improved comfort, safety and ergonomics leads to greater efficiency. Material handling carts need to be designed with the end user in mind to reduce the chance of employee injury. Ergonomically designed equipment helps your employees do their tasks, better, faster and easier.

Forklift Free Work Environments

Create a safer environment with FlexQube's Forklift free Tugger CartsWhen it comes to workplace injuries, forklifts lead the way. Did you know that OSHA estimates that more than 1 in 10 forklifts is involved in a workplace accident each year. In fact, almost 100,000workers are injured or killed by forklifts every year. Including specialized material handling equipment can minimize or end accidents in many environments. Specialized equipment such as Flat Deck Tugger Carts and Pallet Carts reduce the distance forklifts need to drive. This in turn helps you keep your employees safe and reduce the number of accidents.


Here at FlexQube, we understand that your work environment is both unique and important. That’s why we offer a wide range of customizable material handling solutions for you to choose from. Implementing specialized material handling equipment helps improve your workflows. It boosts efficiency and productivity and creates a safer working environment. 

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